Wedding photography in North Yorkshire

Wedding photography in North Yorkshire

Wedding photogaphy from traditional to alternative

I love wedding photography. It’s been a pleasure over the years to photograph so many different kinds of weddings in North Yorkshire and beyond, from traditional to alternative weddings.

Summer beach weddings in Brighton, traditional church weddings in the Midlands, October weddings in North Yorkshire.

I like couples to enjoy their day, so 90% of your photography is as it happens. I’m stealth like hiding in the shadows capturing the special moments of your day in a natural, non obtrusive style.

What to expect

I capture what you want me to, the rings, the dress, the special cufflinks and the little details that you add to your day.

From the bridal prep if you like, or not. It is your choice. Natural photos or something a bit different, I like to get to know your character and show that in your wedding day pictures.

Your wedding day should not feel like one long photoshoot. You should enjoy your day so I stay in the shadows capturing natural images as they happen. Blending in with the guests and capturing their reactions.

Only a small proportion of the day is spent taking portraits, if you choose to have them.

This gives you a little time relax away from your guest and enjoy some time together. If you choose to have some informal family / friends’ photos we can choose a time that fits in with your plans so not to disrupt your day and you can continue celebrating with your guests.

Wedding photography North Yorkshire
Wedding photography of bride and groom in North Yorkshire

Wedding photography packages

I have two simple packages a full day’s photography from bridal prep to right into the party. Getting a full story book of your day, the excitement, emotions, the special moments and the dad dancing. Avaliable in North Yorkshire and beyond.

A half day package is available within a 50-mile radius of Whitby in North Yorkshire. Starting half an hour before you arrive, capturing the wedding guests, the wedding itself, portraits of you both and family and friends.

I also offer pre-wedding photography a couple of hours of fun in a location of your choice. Check out more information on my wedding photography packages.

What you receive

All images are retouched (when needed) and the best images are chosen to create a story book of your day.

Your full set of wedding photography will be uploaded to a private password protected link. You can download, share, print and do whatever you like with the images.

You can order prints, books and framed images from me if your prefer or your can source them yourself, they are your images to print as much as you like to hand to friends and relatives.


Where are you based, and do you travel to photograph weddings?

I am based in North Yorkshire, just on the coast in a little town called Whitby. I travel all over the UK covering weddings.

Do you do the family portraits?

Yes! If you want the traditional family portraits, I’m happy to do them. I will suggest a few options to supply you with something a little more natural than the staged formal images.

Do we get a mixture of colour and black and white images?

Yes. Where images will work better in black and white, I will provide them. Most of the day is shot in a documentary fashion so there are usually a few photographs that work better in monochrome.

What about the details?

Yes. The rings, the dress, shoes, cufflinks, cake and every other detail you have added to your wedding day will go in with your set of photographs.

What’s your dress code for our wedding?

Smart but casual. I don’t wear a suit as I am sometimes lying on the floor or climbing a tree to the ‘the shot’

Do you sell wedding albums?


What if you have not photographed a wedding at our venue?

If the venue is local to me, I will always take time to visit it. If it is more of a distance, I will always arrive in plenty of time to have a good mooch around. And the internet is a wonderful thing giving me the option to check out the venue online too.

What photography equipment do you use?

I use a Nikon camera and various flashes, strobes and reflectors depending on the situation.

Are you insured?

Yes up to 5 million.

Can we meet you before the wedding?

Of course, sometimes in person (depending if you are close to me in North Yorkshire) or via skype/facetime.

How do we book?

Call me on 07368 392650 or via the contact form and we can arrange to meet and see if I am the right person for you.