I’m Rob. A nonconventional

Wedding Photographer in Yorkshire

for unconventional couples

Is your wedding going to be a little unconventional or not sticking to the usual wedding traditions? Are you a couple who feels enjoying your big day is more important than endless line up photographs. Would you like to look back on your wedding day photos and bring back all the fun memories?

Hi I’m Rob a wedding photographer in Yorkshire. I’m a journalist style photographer with stealth like skills capturing your day as it happens. From you getting ready to the the party in full swing. I can be there to capture every fun and special moment. Fitting in a few creative, relaxed fun portraits in your day if you wish – keeping it short and sweet so you can get back to enjoying being with the friends and family.

I live on the Yorkshire coast but was made in the Midlands. Music loving, vinyl record collecting, live music lover who can’t help loving people who love life.

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A bit about a yorkshire wedding photographer

I live in Yorkshire in a little town called Whitby, most know it as an idyllic holiday destination or it’s connection to Dracula and its famous Whitby Abbey.

Sometimes venture out of Whitby to the big city to photograph live bands, bands I like.

My best friend is my wife, as it should be.

Ellie is a wedding celebrant and we love to work together. Me capturing the images of a couples wedding adventure, and Ellie writing a delivering personal bespoke wedding ceremonies. We love to work with couples with similar interests.

My favoured things are live and alternative music, dark ales, dogs, tea, Star Wars, art and my iPhone, I love the fact it can take a picture and fits in my pocket.

Yorkshire Wedding Photographer
Gril with colourful hair kissing boyfriend
wedding photographer in yorkshire for traditional weddings
Groom and Bestman photography
bride wearing cape posing with bridesmaids
yorkshire wedding guests photography
Yorkshire Wedding Photographer
wedding photographer in yorkshire for alternative couples
Yorkshire Wedding Photographer
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Event Photography
Stylish bride poses for portrait
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